Saber Golf Oversized Heavy Putter Grip

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Our all black no paint fill Saber Golf Jumbo Oversized Sized Putter grip weighs 122 grams to complement our heavy putter heads that range from 360 grams to 515 grams on our standard models and 600 to 800 grams on our heavy putter head models. At 122 grams this grip acts as a counter weight and its extremely flat sharp edged top section allows you to truly connect your grip to the club face.

Our amazing grips are Made In The USA by Pure Grips and are extremely long lasting and very easy to clean and maintain due to the compound used. These wonderful grips are extremely durable, easy to install and won't dry and crack like many other grips on the market.

One of the best ways to putt better is to find a putter and grip that you like and NEVER CHANGE it.