Saber Golf Putters

THE LAST PUTTER YOU WILL EVER BUY! These "One of One" fully customizable zero manipulation putters hit the world stage at the 100th PGA Championship at Bellerieve in St. Louis August 5th, 2018. Precision milled and "Saber Fused" these deep face zero lofted putters are a fusion of super high quality 6061 Aircraft Aluminum and Brass......  "I designed the Saber Cat Blade and Saber Hawk Mallet putters to solve several distinct manipulation problems.

  • The zero loft eliminates the de-loft / forward press manipulation.
  • The perfectly flat sole eliminates lie angle manipulation.
  • The face balanced with a slant neck eliminates face rotation manipulation.
  • The heavier than standard weight eliminates the stroke wiggles / manipulation and helps with yip issues.
  • The proprietary fitting formula helps every golfer set up perfectly for a manipulation free stroke.

“They are easier to putt with than any other putter I've ever used and they are more solid and feel amazing. Every golfer who's tried them instantly falls in love with them, some are blade people and some are mallet people. It is very challenging to invent a putter design that has this much science, looks great, feels amazing and solves forever those dreaded manipulations of aim, lie, loft and stroke smoothness! But after a lifetime of high level competitive golf including the 2018 PGA Championship I’m happy to say that I’ve done it!" - Craig Hocknull, Owner and Inventor at Saber Golf.