Saber PROgram

Welcome to our PROgram! Our professional family is dedicated to helping our students achieve ATHLETIC EFFICIENCY as quickly as possible.


Professionals are equipped through our Saber PROgram to succeed both as coaches and business professionals with wholesale pricing and commission plans.

If you are a golf professional we would love to help set you up for success. The Saber is a fantastic training tool that helps coaches communicate with their players efficiently during lessons or even remotely with online coaching due to its multi-purpose design.

Email us at to get set up as a Saber Professional.


“As a college golf coach I am always looking for ways to improve my players games without making huge changes. The Saber has been a great addition to our training program for both the men’s and women’s teams. It is a great tool for individual player development as well as when we do team stretching or gym work.”
-Bryan Altena, Director of Golf, Arizona Christian University

“The Saber is the best multi-purpose training aid for all my students. Most training aids are one dimensional, the Saber is great because it can be used for every part of the swing as well as short-game and putting. If fits great in their golf bag which means it gets used every session.”
-Noah Horstman, PGA 2014 & 2016 Northern Ohio Teacher of the Year, Director of Instruction Beechmount Country Club


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