Saber Golf Training Aids

Craig Hocknull - PGA Journeys Video (Mentor) from PGA of America on Vimeo.

Craig Hocknull on CNN International from PGA of America on Vimeo.

Craig Hocknull Tip Thursday TNT Coverage from PGA of America on Vimeo.

GOLF TRICK GUY CRIAG HOCKNULL from Chris 'Big Show' Peterson on Vimeo.

Craig Hocknull Interview - LIVE from PGA Championship (5-14-19) from PGA of America on Vimeo.

Craig Hocknull Interview with Scott Walker at the 2018 PGA Professional Championship from PGA of America on Vimeo.

Craig Hocknull CNN video from on Vimeo.


Craig Hocknull playing in the 100th PGA Championship at Bellerive in St. Louis, MO 2018





Golf Performance Training!

Our passion for helping golfers across the glob is what drives us to develop extremely versatile and high quality golf equipment like putters and training aids. We are focused on the fundamentals and the improvement of athletic freedom that is free of compensations and manipulations.


As passionate players we are determined to refine our own skills by focusing on efficiency of movement and efficiency of time. Our suite of products are made in the USA and allow us to practice with purpose and simplify our thoughts and motions. Saber brings you the products and the information to help you train wherever and whenever you want.


"I am blessed to have played all over the world in major tour events such as the 100th PGA Championship, I've entertained thousands with my golf trick shot show and conducted clinics to educate and entertain golfers of all ages and ability levels. It brings me great pleasure when I hear of the great many success stories that are a direct result of training with the products and video content that I have created. Saber Golf is here to serve the golfer and the professional by simplifying skill development. Thank you for trusting me to interpret the latest research and to invent and produce products and systems that will make learning the game of golf easier and more enjoyable." - Craig Hocknull, PGA