Saber Golf Putter Order Form

Completing this order form is an extremely satisfying process because it is the result of feeling 100% confident that you have been expertly "Saber Fit". Through this extremely thorough fitting process you have discussed all of the personalization options that are available with your Saber Certified Putting Coach and you feel excited to finally putt better than you ever have!

At the bottom of this form you will have the opportunity to accept between 50% and 100% of the responsibility for putting better and agree to the terms of our "Putt Better Guarantee" Statement.


Putt Better Guarantee Statement

"My guarantee is that you will putt better as a result of using a Saber Golf putter in synchronization with our Free Flow fitting and coaching system. In connection with using a Saber Cat or Saber Hawk putter, Saber Stroke Trainer, Saber Putting Ruler and Saber Putting Discs, I am so confident that if you are not putting better by using my system and putter that I will refund 50% of the $1,000.00 purchase. I'll take half of the blame for you not putting better. Fair enough? I believe it's fair to say that my guidance, training tools and putter are 50% of the equation and your ability to execute is the other 50%." - Craig Hocknull