1 Amazing Saber Golf Deluxe Training Aid Putting Performance Pack - Bundle and Save

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The best way to improve is your game is to set a goal, decide on your plan and execute your plan. The smartest way to improve is to use time tested fundamentals and good old fashioned effort. There isn't any secret pill or short cut that's going to get you their faster. All you have to do is wake up and choose to do the next right thing! 


As you may already know we never put our products on sale but our owner Craig Hocknull is so determined to help make you a better golfer that he has bundled many of his great training aids into this Saber Golf Performance Pack so that you can save money and improve your game!

With this Saber Golf Improvement Bundle you receive the following fantastic training aids to include the PGA Merchandise Show Best New Product Winner:

  • A Tour Proven Saber Golf Putting Ruler for building a confident stroke.
  • A Saber Stroke Trainer to help you grove your stroke to your lie angle.
  • A set of 2 Saber Golf Putting Discs to train your putting feel.
  • A Saber Golf Target for short-game accuracy training.
  • A Saber Golf Grip Builder for strengthening your forearms and hands.
  • Online access to training videos to help you improve.

"As Tour player, Coach and Inventor I believe in my products because I use them daily to keep my game sharp. Even if you only have 10 minutes to grab one of these great training tools and use it you will be better off.

All of these tools are easily portable and can be used in your home, office or at the course or your favorite Top Golf or indoor training center. Take them along to your next lesson and share how great they are with your coach so that you can learn how they will help you to fix a specific flaw." - Craig Hocknull, PGA


Pictured here everything that's in Tony Finau's golf bag including pictured far right the Saber Golf Putting Ruler.

Craig is pictured here at the PGA at Bethpage Black talking with Bryson DeChambeau and Chris Como about the Saber Putting Ruler.



Craig is pictured here at the PGA  Championship at Bethpage Black reading the green and checking the speed.

Use this amazing putting ruler to help you read greens for both break and speed using the ball rolling channel cut on one side. Then use the flat side to train your stroke and build confidence.


Match YOUR personal putter lie angle to YOUR personal putting swing plane. The Saber Stroke Trainer is the ultimate putting stroke trainer because it is designed to suit you. This extremely high quality MADE IN USA golf training aid is fully customizable to suit the lie angle of the player. WOW! Simply measure the lie angle of your putter using the free app on your phone, then set the Saber Stroke Trainer to match. The best way to groove YOUR STROKE  is to set YOUR SABER STROKE TRAINER to match the swing plane of your putter. BRILLIANT RIGHT!

You can't see yourself moving but with the Saber Golf Vision Optics you can! Apply these targets to your favorite glasses or sunglasses and train your ability to focus on the ball and keep your head from moving all over the place.


These putting discs offer a tremendous challenge and a fun game. Play by yourself or with a friend and try and get the balls to stop right on top of the disc.


Practice accurately and efficiently with the Saber Golf Target. This target reacts like a green when hit and helps you to focus on your landing zone instead of worrying about the roll out which as you know changes from green to green.


The leading cause of injury in the game of golf is wrist and hand injury as we are wielding or club and slamming it into the ball and the ground. Exercise your wrist and hand strength with this portable yet effective tool.