Saber Golf Stability Core Putter - Free Flow Fitting Appointment

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  • $ 2,000

Congratulations on making the decision to take your putting game to the next level and I believe the best level that it's ever been. Why am I so confident? Well its worked for me and my students! Putting is my specialty and helping you to putt your best is what I love to do, winning tournaments is also fun - Craig Hocknull

Here are the steps to success.

Step 1. Decide that you have had enough of all the experimenting.

Step 2. Complete the "Free Flow Putter Fitting" questionnaire.

Step 3. Purchase this Free Flow Putting appointment time which includes your 50% custom putter deposit.

Step 4. Set your fitting appointment via a return email from us.

Step 5. Receive your Free Flow Putter Fitting Kit to your front door.

Step 6. Complete your video conference on-line fitting appointment.

Step 7. Return your fitting kit with the included return shipping label.

Step 8. Receive your fully customized putter to your front door.

Step 9. Complete your follow-up putting lesson with your new custom Saber Golf Stability Core Putter.



When you are the owner of a Custom Saber Golf Stability Core Putter you will receive Craig's personal cell phone number and have the ability to ask him any questions you have regarding your putting.