1 Saber Golf Putting String Line

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The Saber Golf Putting String Line is designed to help you improve your putting by giving you a wonderful sight line for stroke and green reading training. This 20 foot long bright orange string is housed in a light weight user friendly real for easy and non snagging use. This system includes the putting string line housed in the real with two break point indicators, four 12 inch green friendly prongs and 3 orange and white training golf balls in a storage tube.

The split color training golf balls are designed to help you see if you are striking your putts squarely and solidly.

Two prongs are used to extend the line out and hold it above the grass for you to putt under. The additional 2 prongs are used to create aiming lines away from the straight putt.

The Saber Golf Putting String Line can be extended to any length up to 20 feet and the attached string markers can be set at specific distances to help you refine your putting skills from marked distances. The markers can also be placed at points along the line to indicate apex or other to identify your desired lag putt margin.

See all of the picture to learn more. Saber Golf training aids that are pictured but are not included in this product purchase are the Saber Putting Ruler, Saber Stroke Trainer and the Saber Stability Core Putter, these items are only pictured to give you an idea on how the Saber Putting String Line is used.