Saber Golf Strength Trainer - Golf Fitness Weight Bar Training Aid

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Work out with the right technique! The SABER STRENGTH TRAINER is an extremely strong MADE IN USA strength training product that is designed for working out on cable / pulley equipment or with resistance bands. This Patented Saber design allows the golfer athlete to not only work out but it provides instant feedback that is crucial to developing proper technique. The square bar and sweat resistant MADE IN USA grips are a much better fit for the golfer than the standard work out equipment. The heavy duty connecting ring is positioned on the SABER STRENGTH TRAINER to provide the best possible training options for golf swing training exercises as well as standard spilt grip exercises. At 2.5 LBS the SABER STRENGTH TRAINER can also be swung without resistance for indoor training. The pictured resistance bands are recommended as they are also MADE IN USA by Stroops and can be through Saber online.

  • Combination of a strength training tool and a technique training tool for the golfer who like to workout with cable / pulley equipment or resistance bands.
  • 2.5 LBS of MADE IN USA steel and MADE IN USA grips on a Patented Saber training tool.
  • Provides for simple and efficient training at home or at the gym. No more sharing of the standard and not golf specific cable attachments at the gym.
  • Each SABER STRENGTH TRAINER comes with 90 day access to proprietary online training videos.